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Grab your Wholesale Footwear Brand Manufacturer Vendor Guide and get started connecting with some of the hottest wholesale Footwear brands in game‼️

It took me over 6 years to find the amazing vendors that I share with you in my vendor guide, who have helped me make thousands just retailing women's footwear since 2013 and helped me create my first private collection in 2018, that led to me becoming a shoe designer.


The Wholesale Brand Makers on my list offer:

✔️Women's Footwear 
✔️Vendors are all US Based
✔️Sellers Permit not required for all except 3
✔️My vendors design and manufacture the styles you purchase

✔️Can help you create your own Private Label collection (Higher MOQ may be required)

✔️Can help you create your own signature/exclusive design collection up to any size you want (Higher MOQ may be required)

✔️You get the lowest price due to no middle man (90% of the time)
❌No Third Party Wholesalers ( Orangeshine, FashionGo etc.)
❌My vendors are not located in the LA Fashion District
✔️Hottest Non Designer brands on the market
✔️Get your order in 72 business hours or less
✔️You can Visit their US base Footwear Showrooms (Post pandemic)
✔️New styles weekly
✔️US standard sizes of 5-11
✔️Carried by some of the hottest stores online to include Fashion Nova, Miss Lola, Urban OG.

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  • This is a digital product and that you will not be receiving a hard copy of this Guide

  • Vendors are able to help you create a private label or signature collection. Ask your representative

  • Please note when using a Wholesale footwear brand Maker to manufacture to create a private label or signature collection, you may be subject to higher MOQ and additional cost

  • Not all vendors in this guide offer private label or signature collection manufacturing

  • Vendors only


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